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"I live among people, have my own place in the family, I am a student, a Pole, a European, I want to be healthy, efficient, free of addictions, I respect the environment, care about good behaviour, I'm responsible for myself and others, plan my future"

The Maria Grzegorzewska Special Education Needs School in Malbork
The Special Education Needs School in Malbork named after Maria Grzegorzewska has conducted its activities for 50 years. Mentally handicapped children and youths aged between 7 to 24 are provided with professional care, multilateral stimulation, teaching and upbringing. Students are taught in ten to sixteen students groups under the supervision of well-educated teaching staff. The classes are held according to special curriculums which were carefully prepared and adapted to the students needs and capabilities. Moreover, they attend therapeutic classes such as: art therapy, hydrotherapy, psychological, pedagogical, speech and library therapy conducted by professionals in the fields mentioned above. The students have the opportunities to participate in corrective, compensatory and remedial courses. We care for their wide sports, vocal, theatre, computer and artistic interests to be developed. The Students' Sport Club "Jagiellonka" involves disabled young people in sports competition as the part of the Polish Sports Social Society "Able Together" and Paralympics Games for Poland. Both the students' parents and the teachers are members of "Children of Special Needs Association". They organize cyclical sports and cultural events, which give the children the chance to be seen as the part of the local society.

There are five integrated parts of the school:
  • Primary School no. 10
  • Gymnasium no. 6
  • Vocational School no. 5
  • Special School Preparing for Work
  • Dormitories
The school is located in four linked buildings:
  • School
  • Two Boarding School Buildings
  • Sports hall
The school possesses the following rooms:
  • Two DIY classes
  • Two integrated course rooms
  • Twelve classrooms
  • Two computer labs
  • Sports hall
  • Physiotherapy room
In the dormitories there are seven groups of sixteen children. Each group has:
  • Six bedrooms
  • Playroom
  • Staff room
  • Toliets and bathrooms
We possess beautiful well-equipped recreational grounds:
  • Basketball and volleyball courts
  • The long jump and the high jump pads
  • Tennis court
  • Shot put area
  • Playground
In the current school year 2005/2006 our school has 245 students altogether:
  • Primary School no. 10 - 85 students
  • Gymnasiun no. 6 - 86 students
  • Vocational School no. 5 - 46 students
  • Special School Preparing for Work - 28 students
  • 112 of the total amount stay at the dormitories.

Our wish is to find friends from European Schools and Societies to organize a cultural and language student exchange as a part of Socrates and Comenius Programmes. We want to invite you to visit our school. It is located in Malbork - the city famous worldwide for the biggest brick castle in Europe which history dates back to the remote past. We can go on a trip to the nearby situated marvellous cities Gdańsk or Frombork - the place where Nicholas Copernicus lived and worked and where his grave is. We would also like to enjoy collecting amber on the the beach of the Baltic Sea together with you.
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